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Ari Medikal d.o.o. Ari Medikal d.o.o.
Mammography Devices
Mammography Devices

Mammography Devices


Detayli Açiklama: MAMOGRAPH ,  ergonomic design combined with the technological superiority and ease of use , offers a comfortable examination for  patients. Besides the economic advantages of price, Mamograph can be used even in small clinic.

HF high-frequency generator,  zero point (full automatic) , one point ( semi automatic) and two points (manual) techniques, and microfocused tubes  are provided  in MAMOGRAPH.
Carbon fiber grid with 9 sensors, 24x30 cm and  18x24 cm buckies, 24x30 cm with  adapter, magnification and film marking apparatus offered as standard.
On request all high-quality accessories can be added. Like PLUS version, Mamograph is equipped with  self-testing system and service module  on which exposure parameters, errors are automatically saved. Also exposure parameters and exposure number are showed on the screen.
Mamograph offers ease of use with Turkish menu, LCD display, a single piece body can be controlled from both sides with touch-sensitive keys during operations and obtains  big field savings in narrow examination rooms.

• Geometric Magnification  System
• 24x30 cm Carbon fiber Bucky Tray
• Collimator and the compression plate
• Remote or manual protective screens for  operators
• direct patient information and images on film to digital alphanumeric system parameters, press
• Height adjustable patient chair
• 16x22 cm metallic copmression plate with grid for two-dimensional biopsy
• Ro-Mo Filter
• 2D Biopsy tray
• Protective  Lexan Screen Bym 3D

BYM 3D is a computerized  stereotactic  needle breast  biopsy system, process  with  micrometric  precision ans easies  biopsy procedures  with new technology automated system.

MAMMOGRAPH BYM is filmless digital tape. Diagnostic spot mammography is a system with innovative 50x50mm, 40ym high resolution CCD camera for digital applications such as stereotactic needle localization and breast biopsys. MAMMOGRAPH BYM 3D is a complete x-ray imaging system includes digital tape, workstation, DigiMam imaging software and appropriate interface Stereotactic biopsy system. The digital tape can be used instead of the normal tape and allows full compliance with the standard bucky tray.


Detayli Açiklama: Successful and a stable Italray MAMOGRAPHY PLUS  systems are developed  in accordance to operator and patients demands. Therefore, MAMOGRAPHY PLUS is an extremely innovative device obtaining operator safety, comfort of patients, and ease of use.

HF high-frequency generator,  zero point (full automatic) , one point ( semi automatic) and two points (manual) techniques, and microfocused tubes  are provided  in MAMOGRAPH.
Easy installation and return on investment are the key factors of MAMOGRAPH PLUS during its development. Integrated generator, easily removable protective glass, and control console; everything is provided in a single compact design. For this reason, installation and transportation time and demand of free space requirements are minimized.

High image quality ,best image sharpness, and best-in-class contrast and accuracy in MAMMOGRAPH PLUS are provided with a stable and  balanced with the tube voltage generated by 5KW, 100 kHz X-ray generator. This is just a start for Italray. Dual bi-angular X-ray micro focus tube guarantees the optimal x-ray dose while Auto Rh / Mo filter designating optimum x-ray absorption spectrum according to the characteristics of the breast.
And, Automatic Exposure Control System (AEC) with 9  solid state detectors provides fully automatic operation (Zero-Point Technique). One-Point and Two-Point techniques can also be applied. For faster and easier operation, the predetermined film/screen settings are used. Carbon fiber grid provides maximum image quality.
Patient comfort was one of the main purposes of design specialists during MAMOGRAPHY Plus enhancement: Servo motor controlled Breast Compression can be seperately adjusted according to individual patient breast characteristics. Alternatively, pre-compression table can be placed on the selected protocol. Manual compression can also be performed.
More transnational, ergonomic design of the compression plates and the open unit architecture ensure maximum diagnostic image to the chest wall. Patient positioning and breast stabilization comes easy with the patient comfort. MAMOGRAPHY PLUS has fully balanced isocentric C-Arm. Thus, all projections can be fast and easily  performed with + / -180 degrees rotating c-arm around the breast. This provides extremely easy operation to both patients and operators.