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Cawo Digidcam 2nd


Detayli Açiklama: Medical Network ID Camera

Digitally printed patient data on X-Rays foroptimized workflow in General Radiography and Mammography

The DIGIDCAM 2nd is CAWO's advanced digital ID Camera, enabling you to print patient data digitally for both General Radiography and Mammography applications. The DIGIDCAM 2nd's small and compact design offers customizable functionality, to perfectly match your facility's specific needs.
Fast patient ID with fewer errors

Patient information on ID cards now definitely belongs to the past. Patient data can be entered directly into the DIGIDCAM 2nd with the integrated keyboard, or transmitted to it via a Hospital Information System (HIS) or a Radiology Information System (RIS). Your radiology department's workflow is considerably improved, because paper IDs are eliminated. In addition to fast information transmission, HIS/RIS integration also reduces the incidence of mistakes in patient IDs.

High-performance digitization

The LED chip and the optic exposure principle guarantee premium print quality on X-Rays. Even after copying or digitization, patient data remains clearly legible. DIGIDCAM 2nd can store over 300 patient IDs locally, making it possible to retrieve, adjust and print patient data in a split second.

Customizable and user-friendly operation

Patient, operator and label fields can be configured individually to match your facility's requirements perfectly. The keyboard comes in a choice of six languages, each with country-specific character sets. With the Windows-based interface, a user-friendly operation is assured.

Going where it is needed

Very small and compact in design and volume, the DIGIDCAM 2nd fits wherever it is needed. Thanks to the illuminated display, it can be used in the darkroom. With the optional mobile kit, it can even be moved, optimizing its usage.

HIS/RIS integration

With the Rislink Toolkit and Rislink Server software, DIGIDCAM 2nd can be easily integrated into system environments like HIS/RIS or linked to your Local Area Network (LAN).

Country version

Please indicate your country version: French, German, Portuguese, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, English (Great Britain), English (USA) for keyboard, power cable and plug.


• Rislink Server SW: Software that runs on a PC in a RIS network and transfer data to the DIGIDCAM 2nd. Straight Ethernet cable, 10m, included.
• Cross-link Ethernet cable: for direct connection of PC and DIGIDCAM 2nd.
• Connection Cable Siemens: Connection cable between DIGIDCAM 2nd and Siemens modality.
• Wall Mounting Kit: fastening, mounting kit, drilling template, instructionleaflet.
• Mobile Kit: includes transport securing, mounting adapter, extension cord for keyboard, instruction leaflet.

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